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Welcome to McCullough Hoffman Farms. We are located just south of Kenton, in Northwest Ohio . In the early 1990’s we started successfully showing cattle. We began breeding and selling cattle in the late 1990’s. Our focus is based on providing quality cattle with your goals in mind. Our goal is to be competitive at showing not only locally as well as state and national levels. We ourselves have been fortunate to succeed with several champions at various levels throughout the years.

Today our herd consists of crossbred and select purebred cows. Our heifers and steers are available privately at the farm starting each fall, a sale date will be posted mid summer. We offer our knowledge and experience to help you strive for the results you desire.

We provide nutritional services from our family owned feed mill, hoof trimming and day to day care based at our farm.

We appreciate your time spent visiting our website, please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have. 

For Sale
  We have 20 yearling angus heifers & 20 recips available For sale this spring.
call 419-674-3237 for details 
3/4 Simmental Bull
Broker x Hollywood-Powerdrive
Date of birth: February 2016 • BW: 80 
Grand Champion Overall Breeding Heifer
2012 Mainetainer Junior Nationals
Shown by Whitney Walker
Grand Champion Steer
2012 Chi Junior Nationals
Shown by Tyler Heintz
Champion Market Heifer
2010 AGR Holiday Classic
% Simi Heifer
2010 Ohio Beef Expo
Champion % Simi Heifer
2009 Nebraska AGR
Champion Feeder Calf
2009 Kick Off Classic
Champion Steer
2006 Michigan Beef Expo
Champion Steer
2006 Hoosier Classic
Champion Steer
2006 Ohio Beef Expo
Champion Steer
2006 Kick Off Classic
Divison Champion Steer
2006 Ohio AGR
4th Overall Heifer
2006 Ohio Beef Expo

Thank you for your interest in McCullough Hoffman Farms. Please let us know if you have any questions, we are always ready to help in any way we can. Visitors are always welcome.

McCullough Hoffman Farms
14931 State Route 292 • Kenton, Ohio 43326
Alex McCullough •  419-674-3237mccullough_alex@yahoo.com
Cory & Renee Hoffman •  740-360-3244
Rick & Betty McCullough • 419-674-7176
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